In case you haven’t been to col­lege in the past 5 years or so,here’s what the aca­d­e­mic play­ing field looks like now:

  • The aver­age col­lege stu­dent graduates with debt over $25,000 in stu­dent loans.
  • Accord­ing to the Huffin­g­ton Post, that could cre­ate a life­time loss of $208,000.


Not only that, but col­lege tuition has increased 600% since the 1980s – a much faster rate of increase than even the cost of med­ical care or gasoline.

But what if I said you could avoid all that debt and  set your­self up for acad­e­mic suc­cess and finan­cial sta­bil­ity all at the same time?

Well, it is pos­si­ble — through a great ACT score. And the best way to get a great score is through our ACT Boot Camp.

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